Thursday, 22 September 2016

Why Most Women Like Brazilian Wax?

If you didn’t grow up in a bubble you have heard the term Brazilian wax being thrown around and probably know multiple women who enjoy getting a Brazilian wax. The process of getting a Brazilian wax is the same as a bikini waxing except all hair is removed, including the hair under the bikini. For those that haven’t had one the process might sound kind of uncomfortable, so why do women like them so much?

 Less Work

A Brazilian wax is far less work than other methods of hair removal. All you have to do is show up at an appointment and a technician removes your hair for you in no time. The process usually takes very little time.

Longer Lasting

Waxing pulls the hairs out at the root, not just cutting them off, that means that it will take far longer for hair to grow back. This is one of the biggest benefits of waxing. It will take at least a couple weeks for it to become time to need a Brazilian wax again.


The process of waxing actually damages the growth of hair and over time can stop hair from growing all together. It won’t make all of the hair go away but will reduce the amount you do grow. This is a godsend for most people because it means that the process is easier.

Less Hairs Left behind

Using a razor to remove hair from your Brazilian area leaves behind hairs, there will often be a fair amount of stray hairs that can feel uncomfortable on a normal day or worse during certain activities. A Brazilian wax removes almost all hairs, leaving little trace around. Occasionally one or two hairs may be left over but that is far less than using a razor.

Men Like It

When asked why they get a Brazilian wax, a lot of women will answer because the men like it. While this isn’t always the best reason to make a decision, it is true that a percentage of women like it for this reason.

The number one reason that women like getting Brazilian waxes is the fact that they are less work. It is hard to argue with a process that is simple and quick. The fact that it is longer lasting doesn’t hurt either. You may find the process uncomfortable at first but once you read a book or listen to music you should settle right in.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Why You Need Body Massage

Many people treat a body massage as a luxury that they only get rarely. Body massages are more than a luxury though. They can help you with your everyday life and you need to get a body massage now. Why do you need a body massage?
Massages are a major pain killer and relaxant. This isn’t just people saying that they feel good after a massage, scientists have proven that there is a scientific process behind feeling good during a massage. When a massage is performed with bare hands it causes a portion of your brain to be activated that is the same portion that opioid pain killers activate.
Getting a massage can also help your immune system. Swedish massages focus on deep, intensive tissue massages that help get your blood flowing. The deep Swedish massage goes even further though by opening up your immune system by changing the composition of your blood. This improved immunity has been shown to help you fight off infections, pathogens, and potentially cancer.
With the fast paced world we live in it isn’t hard to get in a bad mood. Getting a massage will help get you out of that rut of bad mood whether the work week, the weather, or something at home.

Massages help trigger the release of serotonin and dopamine, both chemicals in the brain that are tied back to happiness. It will also help motivate you to take on the rest of your day.
Massages are also known to help with injuries by alleviating the pain, stress, and tension in injured areas. They also help coax the muscles into working properly again after an injury. Many doctors will prescribe massages after a sports injury or a significant injury.

The most important reason you need a body massage? You deserve it. We all work hard and crazy hours in the modern workplace. Many of us even have to answer calls from home. Setting aside time for yourself to go and get pampered is important. If you don’t take care of your body you will notice that it will start failing you when you need it the most. Go out and get a massage today. If you want to read more about massage Ottawa and Waxing Ottawa please visit,